Fabric textures

Texture plays a crucial role in creating a unique and attractive design for clothes, giving clothes not only a unique look but also a distinct tactile experience. In this article, we analyze how fabrics affect the texture of clothes, creating a unique aesthetic experience.


Choice of fabrics and texture

Cotton, due to its softness and naturalness, gives clothes a pleasant texture, perfect for casual outfits. Linen is characterized by delicate folds, adding elegance and lightness, which makes it a popular choice for summer collections.


Smooth and shiny - satin and silk

Satin and silk are fabrics known for their shiny finish. They give clothes elegance and an exclusive look, often used in evening dresses or accessories.


Soft and airy - cotton and modal

Cotton and modal are fabrics that give clothes lightness and softness. They are perfect for everyday clothes such as t-shirts, blouses or dresses.


Combination of textures for a unique effect

In fashion, it is also common to see a combination of different textures in styling, creating an interesting contrast. Combinations of soft and smooth fabrics with rough or thick textures can give your outfit an extraordinary chic look. 


Texture and fashion trends

Currently, there is an increase in interest in texture in fashion. Designers experiment with different fabrics to create clothes that not only look great on the catwalks, but also provide a sensual aesthetic experience. The trend of textures in fashion predicts that texture will remain an important aspect in the creation of modern, stylish collections.

Choosing the right materials can change not only the look but also the experience of wearing clothes. It's worth experimenting, discovering new fabrics and enjoying fashion so that you enjoy wearing clothes.

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