Chiffon is a light, airy fabric available in a very wide range of colors and patterns. It is mainly used for sewing women's summer clothing, as well as for the production of textile decorations. It can be monochromatic or printed in any patterns, and the outfits made of it are airy and very comfortable. In our store you will find silk chiffons in many shades, as well as related fabrics – viscose and muslin.

Chiffon – a cloth with a canvas weave

Unlike other materials, chiffon is not a fabric made of fibers of a specific origin, as is the case with linen or cotton. The word itself in French means "material", which is a confirmation of the variety of products included in this category. Their common features are lightness, airiness and low transparency. All chiffons also share the same weaving process with the use of plain weave. It is carried out very slowly, which avoids material defects.

The canvas weave makes the surface of the chiffon slightly rough and gently shiny. At the same time, the fabric does not lose its lightness or airiness. The roughness of the material is achieved by using the so-called crepe yarns, which are very tightly twisted and then used for weaving.

Chiffon – fabric with many faces

As mentioned earlier, there is not just one chiffon. Fabric with such features is made of various fibers – both natural and synthetic. The most expensive, the most exclusive is silk chiffon. It is also the oldest variant of this product. Currently, cheaper, less exquisite varieties are also produced, which, however, in terms of comfort, are not inferior to silk ones. They are made of polyester, nylon, rayon and cotton fibers. 

One of the advantages of chiffon fabrics is printability. This allows you to create a wide range of colors of the material, but also to apply various patterns to them. These are both geometric and vegetable, oriental, animal and many other motifs. An interesting variant is also shaded chiffon, as well as smooth, with a decorative stripe printed. It can be used to finish the bottom of the dress or sleeves. In our store you will also find interesting chiffon modifications, among which the airy fabric with lurex thread and dashed chiffon stand out.

Chiffon or muslin – what is the difference between these fabrics?

Chiffon patterned and smooth are often equated with muslin. Fabric of this type is equally delicate, airy and transparent, as well as woven with a canvas weave. Since chiffon and muslin are the same characteristics, many distributors and even tailors treat them equally. In our store, both of these fabrics also form one category. You can also find statements emphasizing the differences between chiffon and muslin, i.e. other types of base fibers from which they are made. Muslin is made from fibers such as wool, cotton, linen or natural silk, and recently also bamboo fiber, while chiffons are also synthetic and mixed.

Muslin differ from each other depending on what fibers they are made of. The rarest weave has a linen fabric, which in structure resembles gauze. Muslin wool is soft, warm and fleshy, and silk – elegant and luxurious. Due to the way of weaving, both materials are characterized by little flexibility, thanks to which they can be adapted to the figure. This feature and airiness of the material make every dress, blouse or skirt fit perfectly on the body. It is also worth adding that muslin owes its name to the city of Mosul, although its place of origin is Dhaka.

Muslin and chiffon by the meter – what can be sewn from them?

If you are wondering what clothes or textile accessories you can sew from muslin or chiffon, learn the rules of handling these materials. They are very delicate and prone to pulling, so attaching a pin with a damaged or blunted end can destroy it. There is also no room for tailoring corrections, because once stitched fabric bears permanent traces of needle holes. They can, of course, be slightly masked by soaking and ironing it with a low-temperature iron.

From muslin and chiffon you can sew light summer clothes, underwear and textile accessories, but not only. Just as beautiful as a beach dress will be an evening dress made of such a fabric or an elegant blouse for special occasions. The lightness of muslin and chiffon makes them ideal materials for veils and wedding dresses. 

Chiffons and muslin in our shop

If you are looking for interesting fabrics for delicate, comfortable and beautiful outfits or textile accessories, chiffon and muslin will certainly meet your expectations. In our assortment you will find these materials in many colors, ranging from standard colors to shades such as pistachio, coral, peach, ash or eggplant. We also sell airy viscose, dashed chiffon, with guipure embroidery, crushed, silk georgette and muslin with a patchwork pattern. 

Take a look at our detailed assortment and you will certainly find the right material for you.