For children's clothes

In this category you will find a wide selection of fabrics for children's clothes. We have prepared a diverse assortment of comfortable and colorful materials from which you can sew every element of clothing for the youngest – from comfortable tracksuits to elegant blouses or dresses. 

We know that fabrics for children and babies cannot be chosen at random. They should be characterized by high quality, be adapted to repeated washing and have a skin-friendly texture for babies. We have not forgotten about visual issues either. That is why our range of materials for children's clothes includes fabrics and knitted fabrics in many colors and patterns. They will appeal to the youngest users... but also to their parents. 

Fabrics for children's clothes – what should they be?

Fabrics for clothes for babies and young children must be, above all, comfortable. This is the most important feature of materials that are to be used to sew clothes for the youngest. It is worth choosing natural products such as cotton and batiste. They are airy, have a delicate texture that does not irritate the skin and, which is very important in the case of children, they can be washed repeatedly without fear of losing their cut or color.

The issue of washing and ironing is extremely important. Toddlers get dirty intensely – whether it's going for a walk, playing in kindergarten or eating a meal at home, stains are inevitable. Therefore, it is worth choosing such children's fabrics that can be thrown into the washing machine, whenever necessary and washed at high temperature. 

Here, among others, viscose children's clothing fabrics will work well. It is a durable material and resistant to intensive hygienic procedures. At the same time, it is very comfortable and airy, so the youngest will certainly like it. 

Children's fabrics should also be pretty, of course. Contrary to appearances, babies can be very capricious when it comes to choosing clothes. A colorful blouse or shorts in their favorite shade will surely appeal to them. They will eliminate problems during morning preparations before going to kindergarten or putting on elegant clothes for special occasions. 

Browse our proposals. Among them you will find, among others:

  • sweatshirt knitwear, 
  • printed cotton,
  • viscose knitwear, 
  • cotton a la jeans.

All materials for children's clothes have beautiful, saturated colors and are pleasant to the touch. 

Fabrics for children – what do we offer?

We offer a large selection of fabrics for clothes for babies and older children. Among our proposals you will find above all sweatshirt cotton in many attractive colors and patterns. Why is it worth to decide on it?

First of all, because it is one of the most convenient and practical materials. Sweatshirt cotton in the form of elastic, soft knitwear is suitable for sewing comfortable clothes for children of all ages. Contrary to the name, you can cut not only trousers or sweatshirts, but also many other items of clothing, such as dresses. This is a proposal that will be liked by children of all ages. Mainly because sweatshirt cotton is very comfortable and warm. It does not restrict movement and does not bite – it is a great choice for home, kindergarten or name day at your aunt's. 

In our offer you will find fabrics signed from tracksuits , from which you can sew slightly more elegant versions of clothes. They are perfect for creating comfortable and stylish sets, sweatshirts or dresses for the youngest. These types of children's fabrics can be washed repeatedly and do not need to be ironed. This makes them very practical. 

Viscose knitwear – versatile and comfortable

Another proposal among fabrics for children's clothes is patterned viscose. It is also a very comfortable material – comfortable to wear, breathable, not restricting movement. This makes it great for sewing clothes for the youngest. 

You can sew from it:

  • Blouses 
  • Singlets 
  • Dresses 
  • Skirts.

Such outfits will also work on hot days. Viscose is a breathable and skin-friendly material. In addition, it is easy to wash, does not crease and does not require ironing (especially if you choose the version with an admixture of elastane). This is a children's fabric that is definitely worth taking an interest in. The more that we have prepared proposals in many beautiful colors and patterns that will certainly appeal to small elegant women and more. 

Cotton a'la jeans – durable and natural

Another interesting item in the category of fabrics for children is cotton a la jeans. It is a thicker, durable material that is perfect for sewing:

  • lower 
  • Shorts 
  • skirts, 
  • Dresses.

It retains its form despite many washes, and at the same time is comfortable to wear and breathable. It is a children's fabric that is one hundred percent natural – without admixtures of synthetic materials. Therefore, it can also be worn by children with sensitive skin, with atopy or allergy. 

Browse our range of fabrics for babies and older children. We have prepared a large selection of materials with different properties, from which you can sew comfortable clothes for every occasion and for all seasons. Check.