Printed cotton

Original printed cotton is a great way to diversify your wardrobe. Our fabric wholesaler in Poznań offers multi-colored cotton fabrics per meter with various patterns. You will find many interesting patterns and colors that will match any cut. Printed cotton fabric will allow you to sew a unique checkered skirt or an original leopard shirt. Thanks to it, you will create an original outfit, which will emphasize your taste and sense of style.

Printed cotton is a material that is very widely used in many industries – primarily clothing, but also furniture and decorating. Its ease of processing, comfort of wearing and high strength make it a versatile material and has been used for years. 

Its attractiveness is undoubtedly influenced by the aesthetic aspect. Cheap printed cotton, which you will find in our store, is a whole cross-section of beautiful patterns and colors. Modern printing methods allow you to get a very durable print that does not fade or deteriorate when worn and washed. We offer many interesting patterns – traditional and those that correspond to the latest trends, both clothing and related to interior design.

Which fabric best suits your taste? Check out the original variants in which printed cotton is available. The Izpol store offers materials with different properties – standard, but also flexible and bathyst. 

Printed cotton – let your imagination run wild

Cotton in patterns is a material with which you will design many stylish clothes. It will also be a wonderful fabric for creating accessories and accessories for the apartment. You can sew from it, for example, a pillowcase in polka dots or a bag with flowers. Printed cotton is ideal for children. Thanks to it, you will create colorful children's clothes or original bedding for your child's room. 

Patterned cotton fabrics offer much more possibilities than smooth cotton, although both of these materials complement each other perfectly. Clothes made of them should be combined in one creation. For example, a one-color simple blouse in combination with a colorful skirt will look very stylish, for which you will use patterned cotton. Fabrics should be durable to serve you as long as possible. Therefore, we encourage you to buy them at proven points such as our online fabric store. We offer a wide selection of knitted fabrics and fabrics – printed cotton is one of the most frequently chosen products. All thanks to its universality, which allows you to create almost any products from it, i.e.:

  • Clothes
  • Bed linen
  • Additives
  • home decorations, 
  • textiles for the apartment (curtains, decorative pillows).

What is important, even cheap printed cotton is characterized by very good performance parameters. It is easy to process – sewing simple elements from it does not require very advanced tailoring skills, it can be washed without fear of destroying the material, and also retains its cut for a long time. Check which cotton printed in the Izpol store is the most popular.

Fabrics – printed cotton. What are the characteristics of this material?

Cotton is a material that has been used for millennia. It is ideal for creating light fabrics, which is why its popularity is huge – it is used practically all over the world. It is worth emphasizing that cotton is a fully organic material. The fabric is formed as a result of the processing of plants of the same name. 

Of course, it can also be enriched with admixtures, such as elastane or viscose. Then it is impossible to talk about one hundred percent natural material, however, such mixtures have many advantages. The elastic printed cotton that you will find in our offer is less prone to creasing and is more comfortable to wear because it stretches slightly. Thanks to this, it is ideal, for example , for sewing summer dresses or blouses

Why choose printed cotton with elastic fibers?

First of all, because:

  • you crumple less – and that means less ironing,
  • is more comfortable to wear,
  • gently stretches,
  • adapts to the shape of the body,
  • is more resistant to damage,
  • it is available in many beautiful colors and patterns.

Admixtures of artificial fibers are usually very small, which is why they do not reduce wearing comfort in any way. Such printed cotton is still airy and light, but it does not require such intensive pressing and is more resilient.

Natural cotton is characterized primarily by lightness. This applies especially to bathyst fabrics, i.e. very thin, even transparent. They are perfect for creating light clothes for the summer – airy dresses, skirts or blouses. Bathyst can also be used at home, for example for sewing curtains or delicate curtains.

Although bathyst fabrics are usually available in white, here you will find printed cotton of this variety in many different designs. We use modern printing techniques that ensure permanent application of graphics even on such a thin material. Colors persist even after many washes, do not fade and do not change their shade. 

Cheap printed cotton – what can be made of it?

Printed cotton is available cheaply in the Izopol store. Check out a wide selection of beautiful designs and saturated colors that will suit different tastes. You can choose a bathyst fabric, elastic, as well as decorated with embroidery. What can be created from such products? Practically everything – more precisely:

  • clothing
  • Ornaments
  • Handbags
  • furniture upholstery, 
  • curtains, curtains,
  • pillowcases for decorative pillows, 
  • bedding
  • baby accessories.

Printed cotton is an extremely versatile material. It is pleasant to wear, which is why it is perfect for sewing clothes for the youngest. It is natural, therefore it does not irritate the skin, it is airy and pleasant to the touch.

In addition, it is resistant to damage (especially if you choose a version enriched with elastic fiber), it can be washed repeatedly, without the risk of losing the color or cut of clothing. Therefore, if you are looking for cheap printed cotton, which is characterized by high quality and you want to have a wide selection of patterns and colors, we invite you to browse the offer.

Cotton printed in the Izpol store comes from reliable suppliers, so we are sure that we offer only the best quality fabrics. Our advantage is a large selection of variants – from our fabrics you can sew shirts, dresses, home decorations, curtains or clothes for the youngest. You are limited only by your imagination – we invite you to shop.