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Cotton, knitwear, silk, satin – fabrics in the Izpol online store are a wide selection, the highest quality and fantastic patterns. Our fabric wholesaler in Poznań offers premium materials that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding people. We want to provide the best to all people passionate about fashion and sewing. The Izpol online fabric store is a proven partner.

Shopping in a fabric wholesaler is a great solution not only for professional seamstresses and seamstresses. It is a place where amateur sewing can also stock up on high-class materials, fabrics and accessories. You don't have to buy many running meters of shirt cotton to avoid overpaying. We are open to both wholesale and retail purchases, and we provide all customers with excellent value for money.

The domain of our materials – fabrics and knitwear is a very wide selection of designs, weights and colors. We know that the needs of our customers are diverse. We buy from us both people who sew wedding dresses to order, as well as those who create home textiles for their own needs. You can therefore be sure that our wide assortment will not disappoint you. We've divided it into multiple categories to make it easier for you to find what you need. If, on the other hand, you have questions about the offer of a fabric store, we are at your disposal. We will advise you on shopping and suggest which materials will work best in specific projects. 

Materials, fabrics and others – online store

Our fabric and materials store has a wide selection of top-notch products. They are suitable, among others, for clothes, bedding or curtains, but they can have many more applications – you are limited only by your imagination! Every day we add new fabrics so that each of our customers can find exactly what they are looking for. We are convinced that in our online fabric store we have proposals ideal for everyone – from warm cashmere to delicate lace. We especially recommend natural silk, as well as silk satin.

You can buy from us not only the most popular fabrics and knitwear, such as:

  • cotton
  • flax
  • Lawn 
  • silk 
  • viscose.

The offer of the fabric store is much wider. We also offer eco fur, velvet, corduroy or Chanel-style materials. We also have a very rich selection of accessories, including buttons, tapes, sequins, beads or wedding applications. So you can buy from us all the elements that you need to create a given project. You do not have to look in many wholesalers with fabrics – you have every product at hand. You can order it quickly and conveniently online, with delivery to the address indicated. It's an extremely comfortable way to shop, which saves you time and effort. These are certainly very important issues, especially in the case of professional seamstresses, but not only. Nowadays, the ability to buy products quickly and conveniently is extremely important.

Fabric wholesaler – what can we offer you?

If you are looking for different types of materials – fabrics, knitwear and accessories, then you are definitely in the right place. In the assortment we have collected thousands of products that differ from each other in weight, raw materials from which they were made, design and, of course, price. 

You can buy from us cheap fabrics for sewing clothes worn every day, but also products from the top shelf, for example, beautiful silk satin, organza or taffeta. We covet trends, offering, among other things, signature materials, but we also do not underestimate the timeless classics. A perfect example can be Chanel fabrics, which have been enjoying unflagging interest of customers for years. 

We make it possible to sew clothes for any occasion. With the help of our materials – fabrics and knitwear you will create unique dresses for various occasions:

  • Wedding
  • formal,
  • Evening
  • Summer 
  • Business.

The assortment of the fabric store is so wide that supporters of any style will find something for themselves. Each product is precisely described – on the website you will find a hint about what can be sewn from it and how it behaves when worn. It is worth paying attention to this, because any fabric – cheap and more expensive should be primarily comfortable to wear and match the type of outfit that was created from it. 

We also make sure that everyone can finish their projects in a precise way, which is why you will also find a large selection of fabrics for lining. We offer flexible and inflexible materials, in many colors and patterns, also signed. Lining is a very important element of clothing, often even necessary, so it is definitely not worth omitting it when tailoring.

Wholesale – evening and casual fabrics

We do not limit ourselves only to offering materials that will work well in everyday wear, such as viscose or cotton. The assortment of fabric wholesalers is also a very rich selection of products that are ideal for creating creations for special occasions. You can buy from us, among others, lace with beads, embroidered tulle, nets and chiffons, as well as many other materials that will work in typical evening, elegant applications,

These are essential fabrics if you plan to sew a dress for a prom, New Year's Eve ball or wedding. You can enrich them with haberdashery elements to achieve the perfect effect. You can buy tapes, applications, sequins, beads, as well as buttons in many sizes and shapes. Our fabric shop is a place where you can stock up on everything you need for a seamstress – professional and amateur.

Of course, we also have a wide selection of fabrics and knitwear that are great for creating projects on a daily basis. It is primarily cotton, linen, viscose, smooth and patterned polyester or silk. You can sew beautiful shirts, blouses, skirts or dresses perfect for work or for slightly larger outings. Browse the offer and find inspiration to create. 

Simple and quick fabric shopping

Materials and fabrics available by the meter in our online store are an excellent proposition for people looking for fantastic patterns and eye-catching colors. We know that our offer is very wide, which is why we have search engines at our customers' disposal that will improve shopping. Filter material type, pattern, purpose, color and other categories to quickly find and buy the material of your dreams.

Browse materials, colors, textures and weights. We are convinced that in our fabric wholesaler you will find what you are looking for. Do you need support while shopping? Contact us.