Smooth knitwear

If you are looking for the right material to sew a dress or sweater, smooth cotton knitwear is a material that will perfectly fit your needs. It is an ideal base for creating original clothes, as well as stylish accessories for the apartment. Smooth knitwear should be of the best quality so that it does not rub or wash at the beginning of use. That is why we recommend buying it at a professional point such as our fabric wholesaler in Poznan.

Smooth cotton knitwear – a wide range of possibilities

One-color knitwear is a material that is suitable for sewing most clothes. Unlike fabric, it is made of one or several threads that merge into characteristic eyelets. Depending on your needs, you can choose in types, colors or types of fibers. One-color cotton knitwear is an excellent choice for most clothes that require frequent washing.

A blouse made of this material will be resistant to stretching and abrasion. Viscose knitwear with elastane will be perfect for turtlenecks or dresses. Clothes sewn from it are lighter and more airy than cotton, they are also easier to iron and less crumple. To make warm covers for the winter, a smooth sweater knitwear will be the most suitable. A huge room for maneuver is also given by knitted fabrics in patterns, which also has in the assortment of our online fabric store.

Browse the available products and see which one will work best for your tailoring projects. If you need advice while shopping, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with information about all the smooth knitted fabrics available in our assortment. 

Smooth knitwear – what is its characteristic?

Knitted material is characterized primarily by the fact that it is knitted from one thread. Such a process resembles knitting – the principle is exactly the same, but the products available for sale are machine-produced. This gives much greater possibilities in terms of the appearance of the material, the type of weave, texture or raw materials used,

It is worth knowing that smooth knitted fabrics can be made of many different materials. The most commonly used are:

  • viscose 
  • cotton
  • wool
  • lycra,
  • polyester.

Of course, all mixtures of these raw materials are also at stake, thanks to which materials can have very different properties. An example would be cotton knitwear, to which polyester can be added, increasing its elasticity.

Smooth jersey knitwear

Jersey is one of the most popular types of smooth knitwear available for sale. Its huge popularity is primarily due to its versatility – from this material you can sew almost anything:

  • T-shirts, 
  • Dresses
  • children's clothes,
  • shorts 
  • leggings
  • Underwear 
  • sportswear,
  • hair bands.

The type of weave that characterizes smooth knitted fabrics of this type makes clothes made of them very elastic, do not restrict movements, and at the same time are airy. Thanks to this, jersey is ideal for creating sports clothes, clothes for the youngest or T-shirts for everyday wear. Such clothing provides very high comfort, which is why it is so liked by users. You can risk saying that everyone has at least a few clothes made of jersey knitwear in the closet.

What exactly characterizes this material? First of all, it is worth knowing that it can be made from various raw materials. One of the most common is cotton, but smooth knitwear of this type is also very popular in versions with admixtures of polyester or lycra. Its main feature is the extensibility that results from the knitting method, and the addition of synthetic fibers further improves elasticity. 

Is sewing jersey difficult? It requires a little more attention than fabrics, because smooth knitted fabrics are prone to the formation of holes during processing on the machine. Therefore, you should equip yourself with a needle with a round end, which will be safe for the material – it does not tear the fibers, thanks to which the seams are solid and durable. Sewing clothes from smooth jersey knitwear will be much easier if you have an overlock. 

Cotton knitwear – why is it worth it?

Cotton knitwear is one of the most frequently chosen materials. It is extremely popular because you can sew various elements of clothing from it – from typical sports to casual jackets or skirts. 

Cotton is a completely natural material – it is made from plants of the same name, which are subjected to an appropriate production process. Thanks to this, cotton materials are extremely pleasant to the touch, as well as safe for the skin. They perfectly fit into the expectations of people who avoid synthetic fabrics and knitwear due to the risk of irritation or allergies.

Cotton knitwear is elastic, which is why it is perfect for sewing sports clothes, for example, tracksuits. However, from this material you can also create clothes to wear every day – comfortable dresses, blouses or skirts. It is also perfect for sewing clothes for children.

Cotton knitwear is available in variants of different weights, so you can easily choose those that will work on colder and warmer days. The advantage of such products is also a very wide palette of shades. We offer smooth knitted fabrics in many attractive colors – subdued, but also intense.

Knitted fabric – which one to choose?

Our offer is very wide, so if you are looking for high-quality smooth knitwear, you will certainly find the right product here. We offer both cotton knitwear and:

  • Wool 
  • lycra with glitter, 
  • scratched lycra
  • polyester with silver thread,
  • viscose with polyamide,
  • camel wool with polyamide,
  • and many more. 

There are a lot of variants of smooth knitwear, and the different mixtures of plastics and the proportions in which they were combined with each other allow you to achieve exactly the effect you expect. 

From our knitted materials you can sew any type of clothing: evening, sports, dance or everyday wear.

If you have questions, please contact us, we will be happy to tell you more about the smooth knitted fabrics we offer. We import them from reputable manufacturers, so we are sure of their best quality and great quality.