Summer dresses

Are you looking for fabrics for summer dresses? Browse our offer, where you will find many interesting proposals. We provide a wide selection of materials that you can use in your projects. First of all, we provide the highest quality of each product, but we also care about the diversity of the assortment. We know perfectly well that the needs of customers are different, so among the available materials for summer dresses you will find a whole cross-section of fabric types, weights, colors and patterns.

Fabrics for summer dresses in our offer

Summer dresses are timeless clothes. They are valued by many women mainly because of their comfort – breathability and lightness. Such creations will work even in the hottest heat, and in addition, their cut can be perfectly matched to the preferences of the person wearing them. Mini? Maxi? Midi? From the materials for summer dresses that we propose, you will create any design in any style.

Another advantage of this type of clothing is its form – there is no more feminine clothing than a dress. It beautifully emphasizes the figure, and at the same time allows you to mask its shortcomings, especially if you decide on a looser cut. 

When choosing fabrics for summer dresses, first of all pay attention to their composition. We recommend in particular natural materials, i.e. linen, cotton or silk satin. Organic origin makes such products very comfortable to wear – they are airy, do not retain moisture and are gentle on the skin. This is especially important on exceptionally warm days, where they allow you to feel comfortable. 

Fabrics for summer dresses made of cotton

A universal choice is, in particular, cotton, from which you can sew virtually all types of clothes. We offer this material for summer dresses in a shirt version, but not only. If you want a more elegant look of the creation, you can choose smooth cotton, which will work for women of all ages and wearing any size. 

It is a fully natural material, pleasant to the touch, very easy to wash and iron. The advantage of a cotton dress, therefore , is that it retains its appearance for a long time, even if it is worn regularly. It also does not need to be dry washed or subjected to special care treatments. In our offer you will find a large selection of cotton and bathyst in an excellent grade. These materials are ideal for the summer, especially if you choose thin and delicate variants. A wide range of colors and patterns means that such fabrics can be used in virtually any project – regardless of the preferred style and cut.

Satin materials for summer dresses

Another proposal is satin. It is worth emphasizing that under this name there is a way of weaving the material, and not a specific raw material from which it was made. Satin products can therefore be created from both cotton or silk, as well as polyester. For the summer, we especially recommend the first two options, i.e. those of natural origin. Their advantage is breathability and delicacy for the skin. Organic materials are recommended even for allergy sufferers, because they do not cause irritation and do not increase sweating, even on very hot days. 

Silk satin is considered to be an extremely elegant material for summer dresses. It will also be great for sewing evening and formal dresses – for weddings, communions or other important celebrations that often take place in the summer. Satin beautifully emphasizes the advantages of the figure, fits perfectly, and at the same time is extremely comfortable to wear. We offer many interesting patterns and colors – both smooth fabrics and eye-catching fabrics with clear patterns and saturated colors. 

Materials for summer dresses – viscose

Viscose, like cotton, is an extremely versatile material. It will work great as a fabric for summer dresses. Despite the fact that it is recognized as a product of artificial origin, it is made from a natural raw material, i.e. cellulose obtained from coniferous trees. Thanks to this, it is characterized by high breathability and pleasant to the touch texture. Many types of clothing can be sewn from viscose, including dresses. It is valued by women, because such creations are easy to care for and do not require dry cleaning. 

You can create many different types of summer dresses from it – the more so because it is available both in the form of fabric and knitwear. In our offer you will find many types of viscose materials, both smooth and richly decorated in patterns. That is why we are sure that everyone will find something for themselves in such a wide assortment. 

Summer dresses – fabrics and knitted fabrics of the best quality

If you are planning to sew summer dresses and are looking for high-quality fabrics, browse the available proposals. We offer only the best quality products. This is the basis when creating any tailoring project. A good quality of fabrics and knitted fabrics not only facilitates work at the sewing machine, but above all translates into the final effect and comfort of wearing. Do you have any questions? You do not know which fabric or knitwear to choose? We are at your disposal. We will be happy to advise you and dispel any doubts.