Smooth linings

Smooth linings are one of the most frequently chosen interior materials used in clothing. This is mainly because they look very elegant, especially if they are matched in color to the clothing. The use of such a layer in some clothes and accessories is necessary, while in others it can improve wearing comfort and make the material fit better. If you plan to make an item of clothing with a smooth lining, make sure that the fabric from which it was made is well chosen. In case of doubt, we offer you support and advice. You can ask us any question – we will be happy to answer. 

Why are linings used?

Smooth linings are used not only to improve the appearance of clothes. Their role is very important for practical reasons. These are elements of the fabric by which you can distinguish between tailoring and mass sewing (dressing the silhouette flat). The question of lining or lack thereof therefore testifies to the quality of the product in question, as well as to how carefully it was made. So what is its function?

First of all, it allows you to maintain the form of clothing. Thanks to it, the fabric does not stick to the body and does not electrify. A patterned or smooth lining is also necessary to avoid stuffed material, for example on elbows, knees or buttocks. In dresses, the inner material is also important for the overall appearance of the figure. It makes it look slimmer and any shortcomings of the figure are masked. 

Smooth fabric for lining also adds chic and elegance to the creation. This applies in particular to fastened elements, such as:

  • Blazers 
  • Navy 
  • Sweaters
  • Coats 
  • Jackets.

In such clothes , a smooth fabric for lining can be an additional decoration of clothing, especially if it is visible, for example, when rolling up the sleeves. 

If you plan to make your perfect dress, smooth lining fabric is a material that will be very useful to you. This element of the outfit is very important and is not worth skipping. Therefore, the material for lining should be of the best quality. So it's best to buy it at proven points, such as our online fabric store.

Fabric for lining smooth – how to choose it?

Smooth linings are an element of creation that we usually do not pay so much attention to. However, they are necessary if we want to extend the life of clothes, so the fabric for smooth lining should be selected as best as possible to the outer part of the garment in terms of the fiber and color used. Our fabric wholesaler in Poznan offers a wide selection of materials, so you will choose the perfect fabric for your work.

Smooth viscose linings are perfect for skirts and dresses made of the same material. They are pleasant and soft, in addition, they are great for air permeable. Smooth silk linings are great for light dresses. They are also very practical – I don't get as fast as cotton, for example. Jacquard linings fit perfectly with winter warm skirts.

Also pay attention to the color. White lining will perfectly fit into bright creations. For dark clothes, a black lining will work better.

What material smooth for lining?

Skillful selection of smooth material for lining may not be easy. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the type of fabric. Learn the basic types to make your choice easier.

Satin lining – it is distinguished by smoothness and gloss. It looks extremely impressive and elegant, which is why it is used in the case of eveningwear, e.g. dresses and skirts It is very pleasant to wear and comfortable, especially if the smooth material for the lining was made of natural fibers. 

Lining of viscosea – it is made of cellulose fibers. It has the advantages of natural fabrics and at the same time it fits very well. It is well breathable, pleasant to the touch and resistant to electrification. It is used,, in skirts, suits, suits and various types of elegant clothes. Smooth viscose linings are very often used due to their versatility. 

Cotton lining – it is light, airy and usually thin. It works well for clothes that have also been made of cotton. Fabrics with an admixture of other fibers are often available. Smooth cotton linings are also a universal choice. In their case, it is worth paying attention primarily to the thickness of the material, so that it is well matched to the top weight of the fabric. 

Polyester lining – the cheapest type of lining made of artificial material. It is used in light and medium clothes. It is resistant to damage, but it will not work in summer clothes. It does not let air through, so it can stick to the skin and increase sweating. 

Therefore, choose materials taking into account the above characteristics. This will make the clothes more comfortable to wear and look better.

How to wash smooth lining?

Smooth linings are integral elements of clothing, so they can not be washed separately. Therefore, you should always pay attention to how to clean the garment so as not to damage any of its parts, including the lining. 

Smooth lining made of cotton or viscose will not usually require special care treatments. They can be washed in a washing machine or by hand, because they are resistant to water and detergents, and at the same time do not lose their form even after a long time. 

Difficulties can be caused by smooth satin linings. In their case, it is worth betting on evaporators, i.e. a device that will smooth the material using water vapor under pressure. It is enough to hang a skirt or dress turned inside out on a hanger and in this position to stretch the creases created on the lining. If you have any doubts about the care of individual types of fabrics, please contact us – we will provide you with all the information. 

Why choose a smooth lining?

Fabrics for smooth lining are often chosen because they can be used in any type of clothing, including very elegant ones. While in a coat or jacket patterned inner material will work great, in an evening dress or skirt it is worth betting on the classics. Silk or jacquard linings will therefore be an excellent finish for such clothes. They will make them fit better, and wearing them will simply be pleasant. 

In our offer you will find a wide selection of fabrics for smooth linings made of various materials. You also have an extensive color palette at your disposal, so you can easily adjust the product to your needs and stylistic preferences. If you do not know what smooth lining to choose, please contact us. We will be happy to help you with your shopping and answer all your questions.