High-quality jacquard fabric per meter is perfect as a material for visiting clothing – elegant jackets, dresses, skirts or costumes. Jacquard of the appropriate weight can also be used to sew a thin coat. This type of fabric is characterized by custom patterns and a unique structure. Relatively thick and meaty jacquard material is also suitable for creating homemade decorations. Our online fabric shop has a wide range. We offer the highest quality materials imported from the best manufacturers, among others, from Italy and Spain.

Jacquard – a glamorous and durable fabric

Jacquards are unique materials. They are characterized not only by unique patterns and structure, but also by high durability and resistance to destruction. Jacquard fabric is insensitive to changing air temperature, but above all does not crease and does not require complicated care. We only obtain jacquard per meter produced from excellent quality fibers,because we are convinced that durability is a measure of valuable fashion. Our fabric wholesaler in Poznań therefore offers only carefully selected materials.

One material, many possibilities – jacquard for different creations

Jacquard fabric is perfect for creations for special occasions. Its structure makes it look very noble. In addition, it is available in many different versions. You will find m.in:

  • patterned jacquard e.g. in flowers,
  • glitter jacquard,
  • silk jacquard,
  • cotton jacquard.

So you can easily find the material for your tailoring project. Jacquard is great for dresses, jackets, coats or costumes. Each creation made of it will be very elegant and unique. Depending on the type of fabric chosen, it will work for evening clothes, but also everyday clothes. If you find it difficult to decide which jacquard from our store will best fit your design, you can order a free sample of fabric at the address indicated. Then you will get acquainted with its actual color and structure and make the right decision.

The best fabrics per meter in one place

In our shop you will find not only jacquard fabrics by meters, but also many others available at affordable prices. We try to choose materials that will meet all expectations of our customers. That is why we have a wide range of products of the highest quality. We also have m.in:

Get acquainted with fabrics per meter available online and in a stationary store in Poznan. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience to help you choose the best material for your needs.