Polyester is a controversial material – but there is no doubt that it does not deform and does not pull out, quickly sops, and at the same time is extremely durable. Criticized for its shoddy appearance, good quality polyester is a fabric that has little to do with mass-produced clothing. Contrary to appearances, not only natural silk or silk satin will work as the perfect material for a dress. Our online fabric shop offers a wide range of colours and designs that impress with their workmanship. The material, which is polyester for dresses, is 100% reusable,so you can extend the life cycle of the product. Our fabric wholesaler in Poznań is a carefully selected proposal – so you will easily find polyester with an admixture of natural materials such as cotton or silk.

Ubiquitous polyester – a material that makes no sense to avoid

Polyester is considered a less valuable fabric than natural materials such as linen or cotton. There is, of course, a lot of reason for this, especially if there is an argument that polyester fibres are made from oil – it doesn't sound encouraging, does it? Unfortunately, many people forget (or are unaware) that mass production of cotton has a significant impact on the environment, while polyester that has already been produced can be reused (sometimes referred to as PES). It is also difficult to deny that polyester material, especially with cotton, satin or elastane, is an excellent solution for people who hate ironing. Due to the ubiquity of polyester in clothing stores, it makes no sense to completely give up this fabric. Polyester is perfect for dresses, skirts and blouses, and atthe same time is available at a good price. Choosing a good quality material, you can count on a longer durability of clothes than in the case of clothing from chain stores.

Polyester – what is the fabric?

Polyester is a synthetic material, that is, one that was created as a result of the work of chemists – polyesters is a general term for polymers containing ester bonds, widely used in various industries, not only in the clothing industry. What makes polyester one of the most commonly used fabrics for dresses? It has a low water absorption, while being a stain-resistant material. Polyester, like elastane,is durable, springy and easy to colour, giving you endless possibilities. However, probably its biggest advantage is the price, because polyester in clothes for the summer makes them cheaper than clothing made of natural fabrics such as linen or cashmere. However, this is associated with less comfort of use. but we encourage you not to go to extremes – avoiding polyester nowadays is unattainable for many people. So if you want to sew a polyester dress, choose a good quality polyester with cotton, which you will find in our warehouse.