Smooth cotton

Among the available types of fabrics, one-color cotton is the most universal. It is a very durable material that does not wash and does not tear as quickly as other materials. Keeping it clean is also not a problem, which is why elastic cotton is an ideal material for children's clothes. It is well breathable, so it is suitable for people who spend a lot of time outside. However, it is best to buy cotton fabrics by meters at proven points such as our fabric wholesaler in Poznan. Thanks to this, you can be sure of the quality and durability of fabrics.

One-color cotton – universal material

Smooth cotton is a material from which you can sew virtually any element of clothing – from warm covers for the winter to delicate underwear. It is soft and pleasant to the touch, so it is worth using it to create blouses or shirts. When designing original garments whose main material is shirt cotton, you can add elements (for example, collars or pockets) from other fabrics such as single-color satin. This material is great for sewing bedding, bedspreads for furniture or reusable shopping nets. Fabrics such as delicate smooth bathyst or soft smooth satin are made of cotton, which is also offered by our online fabric store. An alternative to single-color cotton fabrics is printed cotton.

Smooth cotton is a versatile and popular material that certainly does not need to be introduced to anyone. It is so universal that surely everyone will find cotton clothes in their wardrobe. However, it is worth knowing that the fabric is uneven – although individual parts of clothing or home textiles were made of the same raw material, their properties may differ. This is primarily due to the type of weave and the way they have been treated, but also to their quality. 

Smooth cotton, which you will find in our store, comes from proven suppliers who watch over every stage of production. Thanks to this, we are sure that we offer only the highest quality fabrics that are characterized by excellent properties. Our advantage is also a very wide selection of products. Among them you will find fabrics such as smooth cotton:

  • jacquard,
  • a'la jeans,
  • bathystowa,
  • Flexible
  • knot,
  • with the addition of silk.

Although all products are cotton fabrics, each of them has slightly different properties – I look, thickness or fiber structure. We encourage you to browse the full offer to choose what best suits your expectations.

Smooth cotton – what is its characteristic?

Cotton – smooth and printed is a fully natural material. It is obtained from plants that are subjected to appropriate treatment. This is good news for people who avoid synthetic fabrics, for example because of their delicate, irritated skin. Organic material also provides very good breathability and moisture absorption, which is why it is perfect for sewing summer clothes – shirts, dresses or blouses. 

Among the fabrics available in our store, smooth cotton is very popular. This is not surprising – it is very versatile, and its properties make it possible to sew not only clothes, but also accessories, home textiles or even furniture upholstery (if you choose a material with the right weight).

Smooth cotton fabric is available in many variants. If you care about a fully natural material, you can choose the one without the addition of synthetic fibers, for example:

  • Lawn
  • Jacquard 
  • Jeans
  • smooth cotton with the addition of silk.

All these products are made exclusively from natural fibres of vegetable origin or, as in the case of added silk, animal. However, fabric with the addition of artificial fibers can also be an excellent choice. It will work especially well for sewing clothes, because it is very comfortable, easy to care for and durable. 

Smooth elastic cotton – why is it worth it?

Smooth cotton is often enriched with admixtures of synthetic fibers. Their content is small, usually only a few percent. Such a procedure is used to improve the properties of a given fabric. Most often , lycra, viscose or elastane are added. Each of the fibers has slightly different parameters, but above all the point is to make the material more flexible and resistant to damage. 

Thanks to synthetic admixtures, smooth cotton fabric:

  • adapts better to the body,
  • is prone to stretching, 
  • is easier to iron,
  • does not lose its form in the wash.

Therefore, there is no reason to avoid fabrics with admixtures at all costs. Such smooth cotton does not lose its beneficial properties, such as breathability or skin friendliness, and at the same time it is easier to care for and more resistant to damage. 

Smooth cotton – where is it used?

Smooth cotton is a very versatile material. It is used primarily in the clothing industry, but it is also perfect for arranging interiors or even as furniture upholstery. Cotton clothes are extremely popular, the elements most often sewn from this fabric include:

  • Shirts
  • Blouses 
  • Dresses
  • Skirts 
  • children's clothes.

If you are looking for a material to sew a specific part of the garment, choose a material with the right parameters. For example, smooth shirt cotton will work best to sew a shirt, while bathyst is recommended for summer blouses or baby clothes. In our offer you will also find a material a'la jeans, which is very durable, so you can cut trousers, jackets, handbags or elements for finishing furniture.

Among the fabrics made of smooth cotton, you will also find products that can be successfully used in interior decoration, for example for sewing bedspreads, curtains or decorative pillows. An interesting choice is, among others, smooth cotton with knots, i.e. with a delicate pattern in the form of small knots. It will look attractive in the form of delicate curtains. It is a bathyst type material, which is very thin, usually used for sewing summer creations. 

If you are looking for something thicker, choose jacquard – slightly stiff, available in many interesting shades. You can sew dresses, jackets, skirts or jackets from it. We encourage you to browse the offer – you will find many attractive proposals in it.