Patterned knitwear

The ideal material from which you will make stylish and fitted clothes is knitted fabric in patterns. It is more stretchy than any fabric, which is why it does not require sewing a zipper – and without it it will perfectly fit the figure and emphasize its advantages. An alternative to it are smooth knitwear, which is also offered by our fabric wholesaler in Poznań.

Knitted fabric with patterns – a recipe for a unique creation

Patterned colored knitwear is a material from which you will create original clothing for any occasion. Our online fabric store offers many aesthetic patterns, from leopards to zigzags, so everyone will find something for themselves. Patterned knitwear is a material ideal for creating unique clothes, as well as accessories such as handbags. It is best to choose it to your tastes and style, as well as to the season and occasion. For example , knitted fabric with flowers is a sensational material for sewing a light, everyday dress. In summer and spring, this pattern is in fashion almost every year. Striped knitwear will be suitable for creating an elegant coat for autumn. Vertical stripes will make you look even slimmer in them. In turn, knitwear in polka dots will be a great material for warm coverings, which will be useful in the autumn and winter season. However, if you want to sew fashionable bedspreads that will revive the interiors, embossed cotton knitwear will be an excellent choice.

Striped knitwear, stripes and flowers in our offer

In the offer of our warehouse you will find many interesting materials that will be perfect for creating the most fancy tailoring projects. We are a place where both professional seamstresses and seamstresses as well as hobbyists are sourcing – sewing can be a great adventure for everyone, regardless of gender and age.

A large part of the assortment are knitted fabrics, i.e. flexible, knitted materials, made of various raw materials (both natural and synthetic). For those who like to introduce color into their projects, we offer a wide selection of products in patterns, among which dominate:

  • striped knitwear,
  • striped knitwear,
  • knitted fabric with flowers,
  • checkered knitwear.

Each of them can be a base for sewing unique clothing, but also accessories, home decorations or everyday objects. Of course, we also have products that will fit the expectations of people looking for knitted fabrics in subdued colors and smooth. Here, however, you will find primarily patterned materials, captivating with a riot of colors and unique patterns. Browse our products – choose, combine them with each other and create unforgettable clothes and accessories.

Knitted fabric with flowers – viscose

Patterned viscose knitted fabrics are synthetic materials (which is determined by the production process) of natural origin. Viscose is extracted from cellulose, so if you bet on organic products, this one will certainly be a good choice. They are characterized by softness and elasticity. In our offer you will also find knitted fabrics enriched with elastane, which further improves their properties and makes clothes sewn from them extremely comfortable to wear, as well as are more durable, resistant to destruction and less susceptible to creases.

Knitted fabric in viscose flowers is a material that is ideal for sewing:

  • summer dresses,
  • Skirts
  • Blouses
  • Additives.

Attractive design makes them ideal products for sewing women's clothes, emphasizing the advantages of the figure, and at the same time very comfortable to wear. Viscose is known for its softness and breathability. Therefore, if you value comfort both on a daily basis and during solemn occasions, it will be a hit.

You will find a wide selection of knitted fabrics in flowers – in different colors and patterns. You will certainly choose the pattern that best suits your taste.

Checkered knitwear, stripes and stripes – tracksuit

Contrary to the name, you can sew much more items of clothing from sweatshirt knitwear than just sports tracksuits. It is a soft, comfortable and very flexible material. At the same time, it retains its cut even after many washes, does not deteriorate and does not pill.

This makes striped knitwear, flowers or large geometric patterns perfect for sewing products such as:

  • sweatshirts,
  • trousers
  • Dresses
  • tracksuits.

We offer a very large selection of patterns – delicate, in subdued colors, but also fancy and bold – in large flowers, with gold ornaments or patchwork type. Regardless of what style is close to you, you will certainly find many attractive inspirations with us. Importantly, you can immediately place an order in a convenient way, with home delivery.

If you are looking for high-quality sweatshirt knitwear in flowers, stripes or belts, browse the available proposals. We also offer products from the collection of well-known fashion houses. This is a unique opportunity for anyone who follows trends and uses them in their tailoring projects.

Striped knitwear – many patterns to choose from

Are you looking for striped knitwear? We can offer you many attractive patterns to choose from. Stripes wide, narrow, or maybe in combination with flowers? You will find this and much more with us. The pattern of straps is extremely popular and used on almost every element of clothing. From narrow on trousers or jackets – to wide, irregular stripes on blouses or dresses. Striped knitwear is therefore a timeless choice, but you do not have to limit yourself to the most famous patterns. In our offer you will find richly decorated materials, in intense colors and in animal prints.

You can use them to sew a dress or sweatshirt, which does not have to be clothes "around the house". Bold patterns and perfect cut will also work for special occasions. The more so because we offer striped knitwear in various versions – tracksuit, viscose and jersey. Therefore, you can choose what weight of the material suits you and easily adjust the product to your needs.

Knitted fabrics are timeless and extremely versatile. Therefore, regardless of what pattern you choose, they can be used to make almost any element of clothing, as well as accessories, accessories or decorations for the home.

Striped knitwear – the best species

Whether you are looking for striped knitwear, flowers or stripes, choose the materials of the best quality. Not only are they easier to live (they don't fray, they don't scratch and don't puff), but above all they're better to wear. They are comfortable, soft and adapt nicely to the figure. Their advantage is also resistance to washing and other treatments. If you are looking for such products, browse our offer – we invite you.