Silk Shandong is a unique fabric that combines a rustic look with the exclusivity of natural silk. It is distinguished by an interesting texture, thanks to which clothes and textile decorations gain a completely new face. In our store you will find this material in many colors. We also offer shantung-styled viscose, as well as a taffeta and embroidered variant.

Shandong – what is this fabric?

Shandong is a fabric classified as one of the less popular. Many people have never heard of her. The exotic name actually means traditional silk, but not the one that is associated with high-end dresses or men's shirts. It is slightly less shiny, raw in appearance, which results from the way it is made and the characteristic porous surface texture.  It is due to the use of raw silk yarn and decorative threading of the weft, which creates characteristic loops.

The name of the fabric owes to the Chinese province of Shandong, which in the twentieth century was famous for the production of silk fabrics. The first materials of this type were made from the natural uncleaned yarn of cork silkworms and were not dyed. Currently, not only coloring is used, but also decorations in the form of embroidery and imitations such as viscose slantung.

What distinguishes Shantung natural silk?

Silk Shandong combines two groups of features. One includes the qualities typical of natural fabrics. These are features such as anti-allergic character and friendly contact with the skin, so that Shantung clothing can be worn by allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. The fabric is also physically durable and durable, breathable and breathable, and clothes made of it are comfortable and easy to clean. They can be easily washed many times without fear of losing aesthetic and practical values.

The second group of features are those related to the design of the material. The three-dimensional structure gives it a rustic atmosphere. It is due to the very high similarity to natural flax. The gloss typical of silk is minimized here, thanks to which the fabric attracts attention in an unobtrusive way and retains the features of discreet elegance. This is an undoubted advantage that makes Shandong universal in use. It is an excellent choice for sewing decorative textiles as well as various types of clothing – both official, for work or for a party, as well as freer, in a casual atmosphere.

Shandong – a fabric with unlimited possibilities

The use of silk shantung is very wide. You can choose this material for interior decoration, sewing curtains, bedspreads for sofas or decorative tablecloths and pillows from it. Natural Shandong silk is also suitable for hemming lampshades. It will even work as an upholstery material to finish elegant sofas and stools complementing women's dressing tables. Decorative purpose was, moreover, the original purpose of the production of this product. Much later, he was appreciated in the tailoring industry.

If you are engaged in tailor-made clothing for men or women, or for exclusive boutiques, Shandong will be a good choice. Everyday and official outfits, office and party outfits, for a family party and for a gala to the theater will be impressively presented. You can also choose this natural silk as a material for ties, which will fit well with freer stylizations and more formal bow ties.

Silk Shandong in many versions

The wide range of applications that this natural silk fabric has is further enhanced by the fact that it is produced in different variants. In addition to the varied and relatively rich colors, you can choose between matt and glossy material. Variety is also introduced by different surface textures. Although they are all three-dimensional, complemented by spatial elements, they can be knotted, ribbed and even almost smooth. 

When it comes to colors, in our assortment you will find both neutral colors such as black, gray or white, as well as subtly pastel shades or strong and strong. Therefore, regardless of whether you want to sew a dress in sexy red, an elegant little black or a sophisticated ecru suit from Shantung – you will find the right material. We also recommend natural Shandong silk for men's outfits. A light jacket and a looser shirt will look great, which will be pleasant to wear at the same time.

Why wear silk shantung clothes?

In addition to the undoubted aesthetic values and exclusive character, silk shantung clothing also has many practical advantages. Natural silk is hypoallergenic, but also does not attract mites, so it is completely neutral for the body. A feature of silk clothes is also the ability to thermoregulate, which makes it equally suitable for summer and winter. Shandong is also hygroscopic. In addition, the preservation of the characteristics of this material requires proper care. It is advisable to dry or hand wash in appropriate agents and dry in the shade in the unfolded state.